The Junior League of Monmouth County (JLMC) membership provides members the opportunity to be trained as effective volunteers through active engagement in projects focused on facilitating networking and partnerships among the community’s nonprofit organizations. Our members learn about project planning, implementation, and fully-engage in a hands-on volunteer experience. Training includes topics such as fundraising, marketing, planning, and executing community projects as well as leadership training for those wanting a deeper level of engagement within the JLMC.

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Provisional Membership

New JLMC members take part in training courses conducted within New Member monthly meetings before being activated as full members in June of the following year.

The goal of this New Member training is to prepare volunteers for Active Membership in the Junior League of Monmouth County. New members will explore the variety of opportunities and benefits the JLMC offers its members.

Active Membership

Active JLMC members are expected to attend JLMC General Member Meetings (GMM). These meetings often include training and guest speakers to further educate members and leaders in the community.

The work commitment for Active Members is on average four hours per month and takes place at community partner locations throughout Monmouth County and at the Junior League of Monmouth County’s Headquarters located at 55 Center Street in Rumson.

Sustainer Membership

A Sustaining Member is one who has contributed seven or more years of Active member status to the Junior League. A Sustainer has all the privileges of membership except that she may not hold office or vote on issues that come before the membership.

A Sustainer in good standing has the obligation to pay dues but she is not required to attend meetings or perform volunteer service within the Junior League programs.

JLMC offers many rewarding volunteer opportunities. Volunteers can dedicate their time to community outreach, education and mentoring experiences, or fundraising and other support areas to increase the impact in our community.

Joining the JLMC provides opportunities for volunteers to impact their community in a meaningful way, to benefit from training in a variety of educational and leadership programs, and foster life-long friendships and professional relationships with fellow volunteers and members of the community in which they serve.

Our members are career women, working mothers, stay-at-home moms, and full-time and part-time volunteers of all ages. We represent a variety of races, religions, and ethnic origins, all committed to making difference in our community.

Membership is open to any woman, age 21 or over