The JLMC is also a member of the Junior Leagues of New Jersey State and Public Affairs Committee (SPAC). SPAC is a statewide, non-partisan committee made of delegates from the eight Junior Leagues of New Jersey. We advocate on behalf of women and children in the state in the areas of health, education, and the environment.

Current Priorities

  • Human Trafficking
  • The Opioid Epidemic
  • The Environment
  • Cord Blood Donations
  • Childhood Nutrition and Fitness
  • Foster Care
  • Violence Against Women


2010 to present
  • July 2014 Governor Christie signed a bill in to law that provides that crime victims do not have to pay fees to obtain records relating to the crime and that requests for such records are not public information.
  • May 2013 Governor Christie signed the Human Trafficking Prevention, Protection and Treatment Act, Joint Resolutions designating January of each year as Human Trafficking Prevention Month and January 11th each year as Human Trafficking Awareness Day.
  • November 2010 SPAC was presented with a Joint Legislative Resolution by senior legislators and the Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver, congratulating SPAC on 40 years of advocacy on behalf of women and children.
  • Childhood Obesity Prevention Month (March every year) dovetails with the League-wide Kids in the Kitchen campaign.
  • EpiPen was enhanced to create a safe school environment for food allergic children.
  • Anti-Human Trafficking Legislation and ongoing initiatives including three awareness raising events, a seat on the NJ statewide Human Trafficking Task Force and recent involvement with the NJ Human Trafficking Awareness Day at the State House.
  • The NJ Smoke-Free Air Act prohibiting smoking in indoor public places and workplaces.
  • Childproof Handgun Legislation requires manufacturers to use existing technology to make it impossible for non-designated persons to use a handgun sold in NJ. Delegates advocated approximately 5 years and SPAC Chair, Jill Sawers, addressed the Assembly during a press conference. Unfortunately, mandating gun manufacturers to use smart gun technology will only take place three years after the NJ Attorney General determines that user recognition technology is commercially available – as of 2010 this has not happened.
  • Insurance Coverage for Mammograms and Pap Smears.
  • Years of SPAC support led to the State Uniform Construction Code Act which requires uniform rules for the design and installation of playgrounds.
  • Mothers Allowed to Breast Feed Babies in Public.
  • NJ Anti-Stalking Legislation – SPAC was involved in passage of NJ legislation that was perhaps the toughest stalking legislation in the nation. As a result of this effort, SPAC was invited to present testimony on the Interstate Stalking Punishment and Prevention Act to the United States House of Representative’s Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime in Washington, DC. This federal legislation allows victims of stalking to travel across state lines and retain full protection of a restraining order.
  • Lead Screening Legislation requires every doctor, nurse practitioner, and health care facility in the state to screen for lead poisoning for children under the age of 6. Insurance coverage is now provided for screening and follow-up treatment.
  • 48-Hour Minimum In-Patient Maternity Care to be provided and covered by insurance following the birth of a child.
  • In Juvenile Justice Reform, SPAC participated in the study, recommendations and the ongoing implementation of the system-wide redesign.
  • SPAC helped draft the Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMS-C) legislation, which is a coordinated, comprehensive statewide system of EMS specifically designated for children. SPAC was instrumental in organizing a statewide EMS-C Coalition and the JLMN Provisional class organized an educational forum relating to EMS-C.
  • The Child Safety Helmet Law requires children under 14 to wear bicycle helmets.
  • Foster Care initiatives, including the Termination of Parental Rights bill, which aims at reducing repeated placements in foster care and The Child Placement Bill of Rights Act, guaranteeing basic human rights to children in foster care.
  • Prevention of Domestic Violence Act declares that domestic violence is a serious crime against society and provides for victim protection.
  • Family Leave Act provides job protection when employees take an unpaid leave of absence to care for a newborn, adopted child or an ill family member. SPAC advocated for four years on this legislation.
  • On October 24, 1988, the State Senate, in a special resolution, recognized SPAC’s efforts on behalf of children, women and families; in December 1987 the full State Assembly formally recognized SPAC as a respected advocacy group.
  • ​In 1978, with the Child Placement Review (CPR) Act, NJ was the second state to mandate citizen review of Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS) foster care placement. Board members assess cases from the point of view of the child’s best interest and provide recommendations to judges. In the mid-1980s, SPAC delegates pressed for CPR Act amendments.