Community Impact

The JLMC empowers young girls to become confident women through a four-pronged approach:  

  • Direct Service: Hands-on activities, such as Kids in the Kitchen and Girls on the Run, will provide young women opportunities to work directly with trained volunteers.

  • Indirect Service: Supplementary support services such as food and financial drives and updating physical spaces promote increased opportunities to meet the needs of young women through Done in a Day projects.
  • Capacity Building:Our commitment to capacity building increases the overall awareness of the issue and creates a common ground for all in the community to work together.  This is conducted through speakers, trainings, and convening panels of local leaders and organizations.

  • Advocacy:The JLMC aids in building coalitions, researching, and organizing effective plans through our advocacy and leadership development. 

This multi-modal approach strengthens our ability to be a network of women trained as community and civic leaders ensuring young girls become confident women with 
long-term sustaining impact.

G.I.R.L.S. Leadership Summit*
This April 25 & 26 the JLMC will roll out a new program, designed to empower girls.  G.I.R.L.S. (Girls Institute for Responsible Leadership Skills) will be a two-day professionally facilitated workshop for at risk girls in grades 5-8.  The purpose of the Summit is to engage a diverse group of young women in our county in a meaningful dialogue that will:  1.) expand their developmental assets, 2.)cultivate their leadership skills, and 3.) empower them to make a difference in their community through civic engagement and the creation of a community project.  At the end of the two-day Summit, the girls will have identified their personal strengths and defined the focus area on which their community project will be based. 
STEM Museum:  In March the JLMC, which is exploring STEM/STEAM initiatives, will be bringing in the Mobile Ed STEM Museum to the Barack Obama Elementary School in Asbury Park.  The JLMC will fund and assist in staffing this interactive presentation to all grades in the school.  Each class will have an opportunity to not only enjoy the professionally presented program, but also participate in a hands  on “lab” exploring science, technology, engineering and math with this portable museum.
Kids in the Kitchen, a program initiated by the Associations of JL International that the vast majority of the 397 Junior Leagues across 4 countries participate in, will be hosted at the Sisters Academy this spring.  Children’s health and wellness has been a key issue for Junior Leagues since our founding in 1901.  Today, a critical element of our ongoing commitment is teaching kids and their parents about the importance of eating healthy foods and involving them in the fight against childhood obesity.  (Started in 2006 – past partners we have worked with include: the Boys and Girls Clubs – both Red Bank & Asbury Park, the Community YMCA in Red Bank, Red Bank Primary School and the Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore)
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